2 comments on “Avoid GMOs, says largest US health care organization

  1. The seralini study has been thoroughly discredited. I am quite surprised anyone wishing to maintain credibility would cite it. KP certainly didn’t think that one through. The whole thing seems more like a cave-in to fear mongering than any legitimate discussion of the topic.

    I would be highly skeptical and cautious of the other two references, given that KP cited seralini as their first reference.

    • Alcapone I agree with you totally. I posted this before I had a complete change of heart about GMOs. My blog shows posts by a person (sleuth4health) who was deep in the throws of anti-GMO propoganda then completely changed after learning the real science.

      I agree KP should NOT have posted this and someone didn’t do their homework on this one. Thanks for your input!

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