3 comments on “Pesticide Lobby Spends Millions To Defend Chemicals Tied To Bee Deaths

  1. Outstanding post!!! I feel your frustration, for whatever that’s worth. I can scream and holler and protest all day long, but…to what ends? Got tired of feeling so helpless…planted tons of organic flowers and plants for our bees this spring…small gesture in light of what we’re facing…better than doing nothing but just discussing the problem, I hope.

    As to what the mad corpo-scientists might be doing to *help* the bees? Last article I read was about robo-bees…


    • Thanks for your comment. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if a certain class of scientists believe robo-bees would do a better job! There are scientists, and not even corporate ones, who think science is the only thing that can save us from nature.

      I used to kill bugs when I was younger… not anymore… well maybe a cockroach or two. But never ever ever would I EVER kill a honeybee. It also really irritates me when people call ‘wasps’ bees. I want to educate. That is how I feel like I’m helping.

      • Someone accused me of being ‘anti-science’ the other day…uh…no, not anti-science, just anti-careless/dangerous science! Boggles the mind to think we are even capable of creating robotic bees…and yet we aren’t smart enough to figure out pesticides and toxins are likely killing real bees? How is that possible?!

        Your blog is excellent all the way around; I can tell from positive responses I get when sharing on other social networks that others enjoy the posts and appreciate the information!

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