One comment on “Monsanto Provision Tucked in Spending Bill Draws Critics

  1. Well…kudos to them for managing a more neutral headline than I could ever pull off. I’m not that unbiased about Monsanto anymore and don’t even pretend to be 😀
    I got caught in the middle of a vicious thread yesterday where a man was screaming and calling everyone who referred to it as, “Monsanto Protection Act” complete morons as the act does nothing to protect Monsanto. What…?! I’ve read the text 25 times now and it reads the same every time; Monsanto WILL benefit and be afforded protection from any damage they cause. In an effort to be “fair” to Monsanto (*cough cough choke*) maybe it should be called the “Big CorpoAgra Protection Act” because Monsanto isn’t the only company that will benefit.

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