One comment on “Food Babe Blogger Delivers Over 270,000 Signatures to Kraft Foods

  1. Julie,
    I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I’ve also followed Food Babe’s blog for a while and left some comments here and there, but I got censored. I am a scientist (MSc in Food Chemistry and PhD in Plant Genetics) and I noticed that any comment not in line with Food Babe’s articles gets rigorously canceled. I did not leave any insulting comments, and I’ve noticed that it happened to several other people too. I asked her if she wants to discuss with me and she declined. What bugs me most about her writing is the deceptiveness. She puts out a claim, adds some random reference to it and whenever I point out, that the reference does not support her claims I get censored. I have no problem with people having a different opinion than I have, but it is just shocking how many people follow blogs like Food Babe’s and just take everything for granted that is written there.

    I have also followed the campaign against Kraft Food’s. I absolutely share the base line, that food dyes are unnecessary and should be left out of any products, especially those geared towards kids. However, I do not like the way the campaign was run. Too much fear-mongering, too many lies. Yellow 5 is not banned in the UK or in the European Union in general. The EU allows more artificial dyes than the US and a recent re-evaluation of artificial food dyes by the European Food Safety Authority gave them green lights again. However, most Europeans oppose artificial food dyes or anything that looks too artificial in color (I always had a hard time to eat US American christmas cookies because the colors just grossed me out). Consequently, food companies avoid them. Mac and Cheese is BTW not a signature dish in Europe. The Kraft’s version Food Babe is relating to is only available in two supermarkets in the UK, the rest of Europe has to order it online.

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