6 comments on “Apples Genetically Engineered To Not Turn Brown

  1. Hello Julee,

    It’s been a pleasure to watch the evolution of your blog over the past month and we at Okanagan Specialty Fruits are thrilled you have been able to connect with Dr. Kevin Folta, who truly has a gift for communicating science-based information.

    Regarding this article on us, we certainly appreciate your acknowledgement that Arctic apples are not a safety concern, but we just wanted to provide a bit more information on why browning is more than just a minor inconvenience:

    – Nearly half of all apples that are grown never make it all the way to consumers’ bellies. This is largely due to superficial blemishes/browning which means countless perfectly-good apples are thrown away for purely cosmetic reasons – we hope to help address this needless food waste!
    – The obesity crisis continues to be a major issue for North Americans, and this is in part due to 25% of consumers’ daily calories coming from snack foods. Many consumer surveys identify foods like chips, chocolate and soda as the most popular snacking options and we think freshcut fruit can help replace these unhealthy options. Studies show that pre-sliced apples significantly boost consumption, especially for kids, and Arctic apples are ideally suited for this market.
    – While freshcut apples are available now, the anti-browning treatments are costly for producers and require additional labour time too (costs which are passed, in part to consumers as well). Not only do nonbrowning apples help address these costs, they do so while avoiding treatments which can sometimes give an “off-taste” and create potential allergy concerns (such as sulfite allergies).

    These are just a few reasons we think Arctic apples can make a difference in reducing food waste and helping consumers eat healthier by boosting apple consumption. We are a small, grower-led company committed to education, open communication and transparency and hope to keep in touch if you are interested.

    Please feel free to contact me any time at joel@okspecialtyfruits.com and also check out the recent Q&A we did with Fourat Janabi as part of his GMO series which also included Dr. Folta and Brian Scott, who I have seen comment on your recent posts too! http://randomrationality.com/2013/04/03/lowdown-on-gmos-with-biotech-firm/

  2. Thanks for your excellent comment. This was my FIRST post that was in favor of a GM product of any kind. History was made with this post! I do, however, have my own personal views about why everything has to look perfect in America. It is nothing against your product, but more about the problem of choosing bright colored crap food over a healthy apple, simply because it might turn brown. I have eaten a brown apple before!!! But I am solidly in favor of your product if it will entice someone to buy it, pre-sliced, instead of a candy bar or a package of chips. Well done Arctic Apple! I would imagine the product will go well in vending machines. Would LOVE that option when I have to resort to sustenance via vending machine.

    • Thanks for your reply Julee! And yes, ideally consumers wouldn’t worry about food looking perfect, but the fact is that if the average shopper looks at a display with 100 apples, they aren’t going to pick one with even a minor bruise and it ends up trashed!
      Not sure if vending machines will be on our agenda, but sliced apples in places like schools, hospitals, airplanes, etc. are definitely on the radar.
      Thanks for the kind words and we’ll look forward to following all your posts and @Sleuth4Health!

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