Colony Collapse Disorder Is A Fraud: Pesticides Cause Bee Die-Offs

Callum Hampson/Flickr
Callum Hampson/Flickr

Here is an interesting spin on the whole issue of bee die offs and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  This article claims that CCD is a fraudulent name put out there by big companies like Bayer to confuse and divert attention from the real culprit responsible for bee deaths – neonicotinoids, which, according to Gaia Health, was an issue they started reporting on a decade ago.   In other words, CCD is a way to invent a new ‘mystery’ around why bees are dying, rather than just zeroing in on the real cause.  The article compares this tactic to what is being done in the field of climate change.

It’s an interesting point of view and one I’ve never heard before.  I’ve always just put Colony Collapse Disorder in the same category as bee die-off.  For me, it’s really a matter of semantics.

Here is the article from Gaia Health.

For more information about the seriousness of bee die offs and how our food supply will be directly affected, see this article in Pittsburg’s Trib Life:  Bee die-off a threat to US food supply.


One response to “Colony Collapse Disorder Is A Fraud: Pesticides Cause Bee Die-Offs”

  1. Bayer was probably involved but I think the term CCD is the brainstorm of the US EPA AKA executive protection agency in order to take attention away from the deadly neonicotinoids causing massive bee devastation. You have to admit that it worked like a charm, leading beekeepers and scientist alike on a wild goose chase which lasted for years and still going strong in the US anyway.

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