7 comments on “A Second Look At The Arctic Apple

  1. Hey there,

    I wanted to let you know about a talk being given at Portland State tomorrow about GMOs. I’m a biology student there, and I’m going to be attending, it sounds like it’s going to be really good, I’m excited. Here’s the info if you’re interested, the building it’s in is right off of Broadway:

    PSU’s Plant Science Consortium presents Dr. Steven H. Strauss of Oregon State University to give an evening lecture on genetically modified crop plants followed by a brief discussion.

    GMO Crops: Beyond the Fray
    When: Thursday, May 9th at 6pm
    Where: PSU – Cramer Hall, Room 53.

    Light refreshments will be served. The lecture is free and open to the public. Please see the attached flyer and description below.

    Lecture Description–Although many forms of genetic modification are common and widely accepted in agriculture, direct DNA modification has been extraordinarily controversial. I will discuss what direct DNA modification is, its presence in our current food supply, and the roots of the ethical divide. I will conclude by considering the damage done by distraction from the core issues of sustainability, economic value, and humanitarian progress, and provide a vision for resolution.

    Bio–Dr. Steven H. Strauss is a Distinguished Professor of Forest Biotechnology in the Department of Forest Science at Oregon State University, and has a joint appointment in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program. His current research focuses on genetic engineering of flowering for genetic containment in poplar and eucalypt trees. He directs the OSU Program for Outreach in Resource Biotechnology that is aimed at promoting public understanding, and facilitating science-based public debate, about food and natural resources biotechnology.

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  4. Julee,

    Thanks so much for this article, and your entire site. I had no idea these incredible apples existed! I am currently obtaining a Master’s in Health Communication, and one of my lifelong aspirations is to help improve scientific literacy among Americans so that the fear-mongering tactics of the anti-GM, anti-vax, and other pseudoscientific groups hold less sway on the public’s emotions and opinions (no small feat, as you can imagine). It really helps to read your articles and get into the mindset of an autodidact of biology and genetics, and to see what helps you make sense of biotechnology as an everyday person, especially as a previous anti-GMer! You are so rad for diving head-first into exploring your own shift in worldview, and then communicating these facts to a wider audience.

    Your newest fan,

    • Thanks Madelin! It is a unique position from which to blog. Sometimes I feel way under-dressed at the science party but I also know it is imperative that I help communicate sense in a world of nonsense – to the best of my ability. I have certainly learned a lot and have much to learn.

      BTW: had to look up “autodidact” – love it and yes, I am one.

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