Calling All Farmers!

This is an open call to farmers worldwide.  I would like to do some posts here at Sleuth4Health concerning all things genetically modified from a farmer’s perspective.  I plan to use a format of posing the same question to a group of farmers and will then publish the varied responses.  My ultimate goal is to get a variety of you – conventional, organic, big, small, different crops, locations, climates.  Please email if you are interested.

I hope we’ll be talking soon!

Julee K @ Sleuth4Health

3 responses to “Calling All Farmers!”

    • @Megan. Thanks for your interest. I’ve had several ranchers ask me if I’m interested in covering that side of farming. I’m considering it!

  1. I farm a little bit of row crops on my own, and farm about 160 acres of grapes with my Dad. Roundup ready can be a lifesaver since I have put abandoned farm back into production, and faced serious weed pressure. I now adopted Bt corn, and after accepting 15-20% crop loss to ear worms as a way of life, I now grow corn bug free, and much better quality product. After seeing how effective Bt was, it is ludacris not to adopt it more widely, because you are either feeding bugs, or spraying perpetually if you are not using a Bt crop. Neither one is beneficial to feeding people and livestock.

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