9 comments on “Faith Is Shaken But At Least I Can Eat

  1. Julie, Sorry again to hear about your brother. Sometimes these events shape us in funny ways, and I can still sense the sadness in your written recollections.

    I’ve always wanted to have ‘spirituality’ or faith. It would be relieving and maybe fun to feel a sense that things happen because of some mysterious order I just am not meant to understand.

    For some reason I’m not wired that way. I don’t believe in anything, I just accept good evidence. Things I don’t understand, or we (big collective we) don’t understand, are just because we haven’t figured them out yet. Those are places to poke, not to smile at as magical.

    It’s a bell curve, like any biology. I’m on one end, the other end just keys off of faith and doesn’t accept empirical evidence that contrasts with their beliefs. Most folks are in the middle.

    If I may add one more element to your sentence about gullibility and laziness that perhaps excuses some anti-GM voices… There is a learning curve, it’s steep, and there’s a certain scientific level that one has to have, or be willing to at least entertain. That’s a big problem. We live in a world surrounded by know-it-all’s that are scientifically illiterate and unteachable. Plus it is always easier to scare than to educate.

    One fun one is a person on Twitter that has a username suggesting a sophisticated handle on the GM issue. When I asked him/her to build a survey with me, together, he/she said, “I don’t have the technical ability to do such things, so you’ll need to do it”. This is a person that argues with me at every juncture, using lame evidence.

    On the good news side, I might be on a panel with Seralini and Jeffery Smith! Stand by for details. I can’t wait!

    • Oh I want to be a fly on the wall when THAT panel convenes. Can’t you invite Mercola too? Oh wait, he’s not a GE expert. Standing by for details.

      Kevin, thanks for your thoughtful comment. To lose someone who is woven into the fabric of one’s life is hard enough but to lose them like I lost my brother is… I don’t have the right words, but life altering will do. I guess that’s pretty obvious.

      BTW… nice pic. New look for you, isn’t it?

  2. Julee, I am so appreciating your blog and your authentic voice.

    You strengthen me in my own very recent journey from a hippie organic farmer, anti-GMO believer to a pro-science observer and excited to update my knowledge on the DNA, molecules, proteins, etc that seem to be running the show!!

    And I find this conversion invites my similar questions on alternative medicine, intuition, the sacred, etc. which an important part of my life.
    I trust that science may very well figure out sooner or later exactly how this all works too.

    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. Indeed a life-shattering event.

  3. It is nice to follow your (re?)discovery of critical thinking, Julee. Your post reminds me of one of my main complaints about many of the anti-GMO activists. They demand “independent” evidence of the safety of GM foods, yet they accept at face value the claims of Mercola and Jeffrey Smith, who are anything BUT unbiased. The activists and those who follow them are quick to question the motives of hundreds of scientists, but don’t mind parroting the pseudoscience from a few people who are out to sell books and snake oil cures. It is sad, and an unnecessary use of time of scientists trying to get the truth out.

    • @ B edge… indeed! It’s funny, those very practices, along with faulty science and corny propaganda (no pun intended :P) are what got me out of there (out of the anti-GMO world). I didn’t want to align myself with people who, as a whole, speak way too much about which they know little about. I think the science community has been pretty patient so far actually. It’s hard to deal with people who have beliefs that blind them. It’s SO much like religion.

  4. I wish more people understood just how influential Mercola’s site is. Even if they don’t read him directly, there’s a good chance they read his articles on the thousands of other sites his content is “syndicated” to (just search the title of any of his articles).

    Any time I feel like “what’s the point?” when writing a “fact check” about some article of his, I keep that in mind.

    • @Josh: I still see his article about the glyphosate ‘study’ popping up on various blogs… same recycled crap. People DO take it as truth so we need folks like you to call him out every time. You never know who might stop by and read, and change. It happened to me! I stopped by a blog with a pro-science message one day and look at me now!

      Thanks for your comment!

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