14 comments on “Celebrating 200!

  1. You should read “The Singularity is Near.” Seriously, go read it now. Immortality, populating the stars, all resource problems solved, machines consciousness, and all within a timeframe of 32 years from now. 🙂

    • Fourat… you are an inspiration and your blog topics continue to amaze and engage me. Nice guest posts lately too. Keep up your great work but please, I have to know, is it Janabe Fourat or Fourat Janabe and am I even spelling it right?

  2. Julie, Congrats on 200. Good milestone! I always appreciate reading your thoughts. Always have. Even when they were loony. (insert smiley face here)

    • @Kevin… thanks! You’re kind of a “sage” of science… just as Jesus mixed with the lepers and prostitutes, you mix with the loons and idiots and once in awhile, a loon sees the light 🙂

  3. Jules, I think this can continue to be you sleuthing for health while you sleuth for science! Reality is far too many people are only focused on one or the other and both rock in my opinion. You can leave the URL the same! And congrats on 200!

    • @Janice… you know I’m also considering another title: sleuth4truth! Or maybe I should spell it sleuth4treuth…lol… anyway I thank you for stopping by and I do hope the PDX meet-up thing works out for us! I have stopped by your blog several times and enjoyed your photographs, especially the Burnside Skate Park. Very cool!

  4. Thanks Bonnie.. I would never change the title… was just thinking of adding a branch or two but not any time soon! Thanks so much for reading.

  5. Congrats on 200 posts! I recently came across your blog and enjoy it a lot. About new technologies, the use of nanotechnologies in food might interest you…

    • @applpy… yes I was discussing the scope of nanotech with my son recently… it is on my list! That’s the kind of stuff that I just love! Thanks for reading.

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