Celebrating 200!


One of the blogs I read, a vegan recipe blog called Vedged Out, recently made a big to do about its 100th post.  There were attractive photo links to all the recipes, some name dropping of distinguished followers of the blog,  much merriment and a well earned sense of accomplishment.  It is a great blog, with great recipes (I’m actually not vegan or vegetarian, but eat that way often).  It also happens to have launched in September of 2012 just like Sleuth4Health did.  Vedged Out’s author, Somer, was the third “like” gravatar I ever saw at the bottom of one of my posts.  And she has a great story of her own and a bazillion followers.  Read here.

As I “celebrated” with Vedged Out, I became curious about how many posts I’d released to cyberspace, as I hadn’t paid much attention to that total and have always tried to simply post as much and as often as I can.  Well, my 100th post had long since passed so I missed that opportunity but this morning as I stared at the 78 keys of my laptop, wondering what to write next, I glanced at my stats and saw that my last post, What If Labels Could Educate?, was my 200th!  Woo hoo!  Wave pom poms.  Ding ding ding.  Partay!

So here I am celebrating my 200th post and I do have much to celebrate.  The record of how I went from anti-GMO blogger and science-ignorer to pro-science observer is all there in the archives.  I am leaving it there on purpose to show, first hand, how someone can be open to new information, question what they believe, and change.  If you read all the posts, which I don’t expect anyone to actually do, but if you did, you’d notice an unfolding like this:

1.  Fairly neutral beginning.  I meant well.

2.  Close scrutiny of the California Prop 37 election (heck, I even donated fifty bucks to the Organic Consumers Association!)

3.  Ronnie Cummings in one ear, Jeffrey Smith in the other, a little Mike Adams the health ranger thrown in there with some Johnathon Matthews (GM Watch).

4.  Full fledged anti-GMO dogma for a few months

5.  Wait a minute, I smell a rat – a tumorous Seralini rat …

This was of course a ginormous dilemma for an anti-GMO blogger.  If I was starting to have doubts, what the heck was I going to write about?  At first,  I stopped blogging about any and all health issues concerning GMOs and just put my attention to health dangers of other foods or substances like highly processed box meals, additives in soda, a possible link between flame retardants and cognitive problems, that type of thing.  All the while, bee and butterfly die-off was a favorite “go to” topic as it was and still is of great concern and I knew no one would be offended by it.  It was easy to point fingers at neonics and their nasty pesticide brethren.

I posted GMO political and activism type stories, aimed my darts at multinational corporations (you know which ones) – all while secretly biding my time until I could figure out what I actually stood for.  As all this inner turmoil was going on, there remained a blog that needed writing!  I strove for a balance that would allow me to maintain my anti-GMO status while not painting devil’s horns on the little transgenic buggers.  It was not easy!

Then one day, I simply couldn’t be anti-GMO anymore and Science Is Laughing At Us flowed from my fingertips.  The gig was up.  The rest is history.

So, thank you readers for allowing me to change as I did.  I know the blog attracted some new readers because of my shift toward science, and I love hearing from the scientists and farmers who visit.  Truth be known, I could do some serious namedropping in that regard myself!  But I especially want to thank my original readers who have stuck with me since the early days.  I appreciate you so very much!  I know I lost some folks.  How could I not?  But I kept some folks too – and the ones who were willing to wade through the muck, to experience this change with me, you all mean the most!  I promised I was learning along with you and that remains the case at post 201 and beyond.

I hope you all keep reading and I pledge to continue sleuthing for the sake of health.  I have been contacted by several ranchers and feedlot types who want their story told.  I am considering it, along with a surfeit of other health topics.

My recent experiences have also, very unexpectedly, led me down a new path toward a niche I could happily fall into – that of learning about and reporting on cutting edge science and the various technologies that are entering our experience.  I believe there is great need for bloggers and writers of many different walks of life and backgrounds to sort it all out.

The future is closing in on us!  Are we ready for it?  I see this time as being very similar to the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and early 20th century – on steroids!   Technology and information continue to overhaul the way we live and work and it will only increase.  The luddites among us will, I fear, get lost on the holodeck.

Maybe I need an additional blog:  Sleuth4Science – has a nice ring to it…  In any case, I can see this all expanding well beyond GMOs.  One specific area of interest for me is synthetic biology.  The scope of syn bio is probably the next big controversy after all the GMO stuff settles down.  If you know of some good syn bio blogs, pass them along to me.  And tell me readers, which technologies are the most exciting, promising, controversial, threatening, hardest to accept?  It’s an amazing world we live in!

Again, thank you very much for reading and if you have a moment, please say hi in the comments.

My Warmest Regards!

~Julee K @ Sleuth4Health

email:  sleuth4health@gmail.com

Photo credit:  avlxyz/flickr

14 responses to “Celebrating 200!”

  1. You should read “The Singularity is Near.” Seriously, go read it now. Immortality, populating the stars, all resource problems solved, machines consciousness, and all within a timeframe of 32 years from now. 🙂

    • Fourat… you are an inspiration and your blog topics continue to amaze and engage me. Nice guest posts lately too. Keep up your great work but please, I have to know, is it Janabe Fourat or Fourat Janabe and am I even spelling it right?

  2. Julie, Congrats on 200. Good milestone! I always appreciate reading your thoughts. Always have. Even when they were loony. (insert smiley face here)

    • @Kevin… thanks! You’re kind of a “sage” of science… just as Jesus mixed with the lepers and prostitutes, you mix with the loons and idiots and once in awhile, a loon sees the light 🙂

  3. Jules, I think this can continue to be you sleuthing for health while you sleuth for science! Reality is far too many people are only focused on one or the other and both rock in my opinion. You can leave the URL the same! And congrats on 200!

    • @Janice… you know I’m also considering another title: sleuth4truth! Or maybe I should spell it sleuth4treuth…lol… anyway I thank you for stopping by and I do hope the PDX meet-up thing works out for us! I have stopped by your blog several times and enjoyed your photographs, especially the Burnside Skate Park. Very cool!

  4. Thanks Bonnie.. I would never change the title… was just thinking of adding a branch or two but not any time soon! Thanks so much for reading.

  5. Congrats on 200 posts! I recently came across your blog and enjoy it a lot. About new technologies, the use of nanotechnologies in food might interest you…

    • @applpy… yes I was discussing the scope of nanotech with my son recently… it is on my list! That’s the kind of stuff that I just love! Thanks for reading.

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