13 comments on “GMO Misinformation Is Attractive

  1. I don’t know a huge amount about GMOs in regards to food, only the genetic engineering used for medical treatments. I suppose I was lucky to learn of this topic in a classroom and not through a google search. However, I completely agree with you. On the most part, people go into a google search of this nature slightly biased themselves (depending on the reasons that have sparked their search) and take the first pages of responses as fact. It is in our nature to be highly influenced by a mass of information all with supporting and correlating information. Sadly once the seeds are sawn in someone’s mind, it is very difficult to change them.
    Good blog, thanks 🙂

  2. @Jodienye: yes, well said! The first search that matches your preconceived notion lays the foundation for much more to come. But not always. I myself changed. It can be done!

  3. I think it’s important that the folks on the “pro”-team (although technically we’re not blindly pro-GM, we’re pro-science) calibrate our tone when we engage GM skeptics on the web. We have a tendency to belittle people and when we do, we piss them off and they are not going to dig deeper. (That said, I’m all for full-frontal attacks on the anti-GMO spokespersons who generate misinformation – like Seralini or John Vidal). Julee, you’re a recent “covert” – how should someone who has specialist knowledge in the field of GM technology best approach a GM skeptic?

      • Great question, Tom. I think stating that you understand someone’s reservations, telling them that they are obviously intelligent and observant and a concerned citizen to have taken such an interest (flattery will get you everywhere) and then unroll the science. The person also has to be at a point where they are questioning their position. Some people will never look at the science no matter what.

  4. They (the collective big chemical companies) are just too underhanded and sneaky acting for me to trust them. I will stay anti-GMO, I will still do my own research and err on the side of caution. I just cannot trust them to be honest, even with their own supporters/scientists. Am I paranoid? No. I think that if they found out that their ‘products’ could do harm to people or the environment, they would do anything in their power to cover up and hide the truth, and anyone who thinks differently is blind to history. It is happening right now in front of our faces. We should demand total transparency from these companies.

  5. It’s dangerous to paint large groups of people with a broad brush. I see you are falling for biotech’s current number one talking point-labeling anyone who questions your products as anti-science. I have two science degrees-guess what? I still don’t think they have been adequately tested and that we need to proceed with caution when it comes to this technology. I see elsewhere in your blog you mention that they are shown to be safe…..by who? Their effects have never been tested on humans.

  6. Thanks for the website. I will gladly read through it. Although I have to say all I see so far is a blatantly pro-GMO stance, and repeated jabs at the organic industry. Doesn’t seem very neutral.

    • Aside from the articles which you can ignore if you like, they link to hundreds of peer-reviewed, well respected studies. Many of the studies are publicly funded. That’s what I like about it.

  7. What concerns me is the attitude of everyone here who self proclaims a having pro-GMO stance and describing those who are against GMO’s as anti science conspiracists who are stupid ignorant and are being misled when our fundamental points are based on logic and reason,

    first of all i’ll admit not everyone is educated to a degree level but that’s irrelevant, because as long as you can comprehend english then you have no problem reading the the conclusion at the end of a scientific study so how you can quantify an anti GMO as stupid and non-conversant based on lack of scientifical education is quite frankly ridiculous giving that all you need is high school reading skills…

    secondly as a person who opposes GMO foods only because of all the conflicting research, i find the reception here very uninviting for non GMO campaigners if your goal is to “spread the truth” about GMO personally i know the truth and its not based on opinion, conspiracies or misleading companies that are financially motivated, in fact everyone who stand for GMO are standing side by side with the same corporations whose only interest is financial gain….

    make current stance is based on logic, awareness and some solid scientifical studies so let me explain my views and maybe you all can tell me what you think or better still you can attempt to convince me to trust the FDA, Monsanto, the EPA the government to protect me and provide me with safe food,

    Most people here from all the comments i have taken time to read as well as reading Julies Q’s with that other women who converted her all seem to be ignoring the very thing they all say they stand by…SCIENCE…

    peoples opposition to GM foods are so much more complex than you all seem to comprehend

    Julie your assumptions on how people start off opposing GM foods are also wrong and are only based on your own experiences, i live in the UK GMO food is all labelled and there is only a fraction of it in our food chain, no where the extent it is in yours, so i have not started my “renegade” fueled with emotion due to the fact i feel i have been deceived for years, i do however empathise with Americans because GM foods has unfortunately desecrated your food chain WITHOUT public consent and without proper safety testing…

    before you all throw safe studies at me id like to say that im aware of the safe studies as i have read many negative and many positive ones, as i mentioned i have researched all of the evidence in an unbiased and objective manner, my concerns come from acknowledging BOTH sides and ALL of evidence and even if out of 100 studies 10 studies show it to be unsafe are you all willing to stand behind the notion its 110% safe? with conflicting evidence as a scientist it means its absolute safety is INCONCLUSIVE and cant not be assured which means further research i warranted until the studies show no more problems in health than organic food would…this is also the reason many of the worlds leading scientists in their field who have studied GM foods are against it…at the end of the day they are scientists publishing their findings so why are you all willing to glorify to studies which prove your aggressive pro GMO stances and dissmiss ones that dont, when i myself have acknowledged both…

    I am also concerned with the level of trust you are all relaying to the FDA and Monsanto when there was a huge conflict of interest, particularly at the time when Micheal taylor former attorney of monsanto was in charge of an FDA policy in 1992 that made Monsanto immune to FDA safetey testing meaning only their own research was required, then Micheal Taylor went on to become vice president on Monsanto, the whole thing smells of deceit and deception and the very actions of the 2 corporations involved in producing GM crops and protecting us from harmful food reflects a darker side the GM corporation and its technology, and only accentuates the suspicions of the public, calling anyone ignorant and stupid for stating there is a conflict in interests between 2 companies one made to protect you and one trying to convince you its food is safe, is quite frankly ignorant itself, you all say its safe but yet the very company making these foods wetn through a great deal of risk to avoid being officially being tested…

    If that isnt enough reason to be dissuaded from the safety on the basis they are dodging official safety checks by bouncing back and forth between the company testing them, then what are you thoughts on the memo’s released from the lawsuit when the FDA were sued lawsuit for withholding information that stated GM’s deleterious effects on health shown by GM crops? these memos are public and FDA said they were not aware of any ill effects on health however the finding showed the opposite, motive? well conflict in interest obviously but have a look at Monsantos annual profit and youll see why…

    the whole thing stinks of corruption and greed personally i want nothing to do with these foods even if they were safe on the basis of the integrity of safety testing being jepeordised by financial motives and i certainly wouldnt want to condone their actions and consent to them actions buy buying their products, so not everyone’s stance even involves science but again that reflects all of your simple minded views on the topic

    also iv noticed a lot of people mention here they use GMO’s becaude they are a farmer and it makes your farming easier and more profitable, well, good for you, now your reasons for condoning GM foods are the same as monsanto’s, it reflects your main motive being money where as the main motive for avoiding GM foods is based on moral, ethical and personal reasons….

    lastly something that pissed me off, someone here mentioned how labelling shouldnt be mandatory, well im speaking from an unbiased point so to dispel your point about everyone wants what everyone else has got, i live in the UK and labelling is mandatory here but it still pisses me off people in your country are denied labelling, labelling is not a matter of scientifical justification is a matter of right as a consumer to know what your eating and where its come from, whether its safe or not doesnt even necessarily have to come in to the equation it comes down to our basic human right of freedom of choice if people want the choice to choose non gm food that is not a right for anyone or science to take away from any person, rapists and murders are not denied their human right and consumers should not be denied their right to decline from eating GM foods regardless of safety…


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