10 comments on “Aloha Readers!

  1. Come and enjoy our beautiful islands! Papaya with mango is a great combination or even pineapple. Good for the body!

    • @ JMR I have tried to like papaya alone.. just can’t get there but I know it’s super nutritious. I’ll give it another shot when I’m there!

  2. Aloha!!! Have a great vacation. If you happen to get to Kauai and would want to tour some biotech research stations let me know, we would love to have you! Enjoy. A hui ho!!

    • @Renee – thanks! I would be totally interested if I thought there was any chance we’d make it to Kauai but I don’t think so :(. Molaka’i… maybe! I would like to tour the former leper colony there.

      • Took my honeymoon on Molokai! You will enjoy it for sure. One of the best fishing tour captains in Hawaii is there if that is your sort of thing, Clayton Ching with Hallelujah Hou fishing charters. Could probably hook you up with tours of the research facilities on Molokai and Maui too. Let me know if your interested. Have fun!!

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