11 comments on “My Biotech Weekend

  1. Great meeting you Julie. I think the ability to stay open to new information is truly unappreciated these days. I hope I stay as open-minded as you! And thanks for the great restaurant suggestion! I was stuffed & happy when we left!

  2. Wow, She doesn’t look anywhere near what some people would have you believe Monsanto employees look like ! (Keith Kloor did beat me to it !)

  3. The more people open their minds and really question things for the greater good, the better. A typical person can’t figure out how to decipher fact from fiction. Keep on blogging Julee, to help guide people on how to research for what is the reality and what is fiction. Like Steve Savage told me, “Saving one mind at a time.”

    • @Tom – what else could I possibly do? Be anointed? One thing I haven’t done is received even one dime from any biotech company. What am I missing??? LOL

  4. For any who might misunderstand the above comment.. I was joking. I DO NOT want or expect ANY compensation from ANY biotech company because I happen to have turned my thinking in the direction of solid evidence and now believe GE crops have value and are safe. I have been accused multiple times of being a biotech industry shill and really, all I did was change my mind and write about the change. That doesn’t make me a person who is paid to publish my opinion.

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