3 comments on “In Their Own Words: Farmers Weigh In on GMOs, Part Three

  1. I love hearing from the farmers! It’s so nice to hear from the people who are actually making a living doing this stuff.

  2. I don’t know of any other site that has actually asked actual farmers to chime in. Bravo !

    I big part of the anti-gmo argument seems to be that farmers have been tricked or forced into using GM seeds. Their evidence is only that they can no longer readily get non-gm soy, corn or sugar beet seeds. I call this the, “farmers are stupid”, argument. You and i know that seed companies aren’t going to produce seeds that farmers aren’t going to buy and they don’t buy the non-gm seeds because, in spite of their greater price, they get superior results that much more than offsets their price.

    Of course, these superior results allow food prices to be lower than they would have been. Which blows another anti-gm argument out of the water, no benefits to the consumer.

    – Your minion :), First Officer

  3. True true true. Nobody cares more about their seed, crops and land than the farmers themselves. Duh! It is insulting to farmers, I think, to adopt this
    “poor farmers are victims” stance. They know what they’re doing! Just like agri scientists do. It’s so common sense.

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