Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


This is the second blogger award I’ve been nominated for in my blogging career of less than a year.  I am flattered and delighted that someone out there notices.

sleuth4health.files.wordpress.com:2013:04:blogger-awardThe first award (right), the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, was given to me when I was still blogging from an anti-GMO viewpoint.  How ironic – in a good way – that  the blogger who nominated me for the team member readership award, Sachin Rawat/Dreamer Biologist’s Blog, describes me as a “fierce backer of GMOs”.

I guess I’m on the team!


I will first list the readers I appreciate and will do the communication piece after I’ve posted.

To name 14 readers I appreciate is a labor of love.  Being a non-science person, I have been welcomed into the science community as someone who, though not scientifically trained, is at least attempting to think critically and apply scientific principles to the issues I write about, namely, GMOs.  I don’t  have the jargon in my vernacular but I do attempt to understand the science.  In addition to scientists, some agriculture and industry types have also welcomed me.

Of course I appreciate ALL of my readers very much.  Thank you for actually reading what an arts person has to say about your world of science, farming and industry.

So here is the list.  If the person goes by a handle rather than an actual name, I use the handle below.  If they have a blog, I put the link after their name.

14 Readers I Appreciate:

1.  Kevin Folta/Illumination/If it weren’t for him and his fist pounding, I could very well still be blogging all that incessant anti-GMO drivel.

2.  Val Giddings/Generous with his retweets. Has offered to buy me a beer when I finally make it to DC, but he’ll have to drag me out of the Smithsonian kicking and screaming.  OK, if it’s an IPA, I’m there.

3. First Officer/My faithful minion.  Knows a lot about a lot, savagely funny, can comment intelligently on 15 different blogs simultaneously.

4.  Janice Person/A Colorful Adenture/Very nice and down-to-earth gal, someone with whom I’ve lunched and the first person I’ve ever friended on Facebook who is actually paid by Monsanto.

5. P. Diff/Also has been generous with information, comments, kudos and retweets.

6.  Frank N. Foode/Cute and cuddly.  I want to eat him.

7.  Karl Hago von Mogel/Biofortified/One of the moderators of this highly informative go-to blog, stands up for science constantly, and is nice about it.

8.  Misbehaved Woman/Misbehaved Woman/One of my first followers ever, followed me when I was anti-GMO, follows me still.  What a scandalous, brave woman she truly is!

9.  Fourat Janabi/Random Rationality/He and I have been on the same trajectory regarding GMOs, as in realizing they’re really pretty awesome and writing about it.  He is a little ahead of me, in everything.  His Q & A with Folta messed with my head and I was never the same again.

1o.  Cami Ryan/Doc Dami Ryan/Cami goes right for the nugget.  She is often the first to find or even identify what the nugget is :).

11.  Anastasia Bodnar/Biofortified/Also a moderator at Biofortified.  I am flattered when she stops by and comments or retweets me :).

10.  Suzie Wilde/Kissed A Farmer/Wrote guest post article about Bt cotton and her dry land cotton farming experiences in Texas.  She has been very supportive.

11.  Mike Bendzela/Dow Farm Enterprise/CSA farmer who is not afraid to express his well-informed opinions born of actual experience.  He responded to my open call to farmers post.

12.  Brian Scott/The Farmer’s Life/Also responded to my open call to farmers, is very open and positive about his use of GE technology.

13.  Marie Bowers/Oregongreen.wordpress.com/A fellow Oregonian, a 4th generation farmer and someone I hope to visit and meet very soon.

14.  Rainer/Ein Deutscher, der meine blog liest und mit dem ich mein deutsch geübt habe.

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