16 comments on “Shill Schmill

  1. So as I am reading this Julee, I have that old song going ’round and ’round in my head…”Welcome to My World.” My husband and I have been accused of being all kinds of shills. Yes, he chooses to plant GMO cottonseed each year. Can he choose to plant conventional seed and spray gallon after gallon of pesticides on our cotton each year? Yes. No one is holding us hostage to our choices. But if you listen to many of the trolls that accuse us of being tied down with chains by Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont…you would think that we get checks in our mailbox from them daily…(I wish!) Anyway, keep your independent thinking going, make your own decisions, enjoy your own choices and bring on the trolls!

    • Yes, bring on the trolls. It is too bad though that when they utter the word “shill” or a similar world, it gives them the self-proclaimed excuse to disregard anything you say. What a convenient way to avoid the truth!

      Monsanto should be paying you but instead, you’re paying THEM for premium seed that you find value in, right?

  2. I’ve also been labeled a shill, for Big Ag, Monsanto, and Big Pharma (funny how my bank account doesn’t reflect this). Anyway, Julee, I find your blog refreshing.

    Suzie Wilde, I also have enjoyed reading your blog. Just recently I participated in a Facebook discussion about the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, and I explained that the bill protects FARMERS, not Monsanto. Well, after I was called a shill, so were all the farmers out there planting GMO anything, all “bought and owned” by Monsanto. Many people don’t want to believe that planting GM cotton might result in reduced herbicide or pesticide use. So few people are actually interested in discussion or learning. It’s very frustrating.

  3. From one “independent thinker” to another (I have always thought that was a good label) …Stand firm, Julee!
    I, for one, truly appreciate your open mind and your willingness to discuss things in a sensible manner. I’ve learned a great deal reading your blog. Thanks.

  4. Julie I really enjoy your blog, in fact I wrote about it on the Monsanto library blog as a source to cite** when we are trying to engage those that are arguing against biotech. It’s on ongoing series, I’ve also posted blogs about Kevin Folta, Cami Ryan and John Entine and hope to do many more. My question for you is, since you get called a shill and you have nothing to do with Monsanto or any of the other big six, how do you think employees of those companies should engage? I find myself commenting more and more on articles and sharing blogs and articles on social media, but I often wonder if people even read them since I work for Monsanto. It shouldn’t be that way, who’s more of an expert on a biotech company than those that work for said company? Biotech needs critical thinkers and communicators like you, please keep blogging! Also I know that you have blogged about touring Monsanto before, if you ever do please stop by the library!

    **don’t worry she does not get paid for this

    • Beth, that is a really good question. There are going to be many who think your words are bought and paid for by Monsanto… as if you aren’t capable of making up your own mind. That’s the part that gets to me the most… all these so called ‘shills’ out there, robots for biotech walking around speaking off of a script. I think when you are successful at engaging people and they are listening, be kind, respectful and do your best to allay their fears or counter their claims. I think if you’re in the industry, you have to be even nicer and more respectful than the non-shills, unfortunately. You’re kind of like a teacher or a store clerk that way.

      There are also certain people that science will never reach. But it will reach some, and those are the ones who will listen.

      Really appreciate your comment.

  5. Whenever anyone plays the shill card, that stops all dialogue from me. It’s intellectually bankrupt and shows the person has nothing to bring to the table.

    • Bernie, I totally agree. I guess no matter how many times I say I’m not a shill, there is a certain set of people who refuse to believe it. So not only do they tell me I’m a shill but they tell me I have no business writing about what I write about. To insult the writer of the comment or post is troll behavior, and a way to rudely dismiss information one may not like. I guess I’ll get used to it eventually…

  6. Julee, I loved your line about Jeffrey Smith:

    “The top spokesperson for the anti-GMO movement is a levitating ballroom dancer. What credentials does Jeffrey Smith have that I don’t have?”

    You actually have one more than him, and that is your open-mind.

    I can’t recall who said it, but you should recall that quote that goes something like this: if you aren’t pissing people off, then you’re not doing it right.

    Those slanderous comments are the last grasp of the cognitive dissonance those with closed-minds employ to protect their belief. Keep at it, in 10 years, we’ll look back and how it used to be with smiles and hi-5’s 🙂

    Fighting for reason, truth, and the right thing have never been easy. Keep at it. I dont think we have that much longer before the scales tip back towards science. As they say: the dawn is darkest just before the dawn. That’s my personal opinion, though. Either way, keep at it!

    • Ah !, Don’t be too hard on Jeffrey Smith, Fourat !

      Yogic flying. It is the safest way to travel ! (Just watch out for the downdrafts)

  7. The knee jerk Shill accusation does remind me of Donald Sutherland in the Body Snatchers. Only instead of pointing and just simply shrieking at the end of the movie, he screams, “SHIIIIIIIIIILLLLLL” !

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