13 comments on “The Scourge of an Eastern Oregon Wheat Field

  1. I love reading your posts, seeing things through the new eyes of someone else 🙂 We had a grad student here a while back who GPS tagged some tumbleweeds and tracked them for weeks. They traveled many miles!

    And you were getting damn close to Moscow. Let us know if you travel through this way 🙂

    • Hey thanks pdiff! It was one L-O-N-G drive from Helix to Hat Point (where the fire tower was) but it was so worth it (through Joseph, the Willowas). We talked to a forest service guy who’s main job is to be on the lookout for fires all day long. What a view!

      We do drive further east on occasion so let’s keep in touch… glad you liked my mini-obsession with Russian thistle. Sounds like a great grad project, tracking those buggers with GPS.

      • did you know … Norman Borlaug used to man a fire tower? 🙂 From Wiki:
        “He spent one summer in the middle fork of Idaho’s Salmon River, the most isolated piece of wilderness in the lower 48 states at the time.”

        Yes, do keep in touch. Occasionally we get Portland way too.

      • Didn’t know that about Borlaug… very interesting. Nowadays they have all kinds of cool gadgets up there… backpacker solar panels to charge their cell phones for example. They have to stay alert because if another fire tower spots a fire first, apparently this is an unbearable humiliation.

  2. This was so informative! Starting off with Sons of the Pioneer’s Tumbleweed song was perfect. They were wonderful. I’ve always wondered about that weed tumbling along in the background in Western movies. I just assumed it was a tangled mess of dead weeds the wind was blowing around as colder weather approached.

    • That is so perfect! What a great epilogue to my piece about tumbleweed. Thanks FO. Yes, I watched the whole thing 🙂 You know that OL episode atually put Russian thistle to the best use I’ve encountered so far 🙂

  3. I remembered it. I saw it once or twice when i was a kid. (I’m showing my age again!) I didn’t remember the title, of course, but a quick google of “tumbleweeds attack outer limits twilight zone” turned it up.

    Glad you enjoyed it. It’s actually quite funny now, given the context of your story !

    • Well, first I cracked up at the “cue tumbleweeds” moment but then I got sucked into the story. As absurd as it was, I kind of liked it 🙂 And I don’t know your age but I must be close to it because I have memories of Saturday “Outer Limits” reruns. My favorite was when that little girl/boy? was going to be hit by a car backing out from a driveway or something like that… and they stopped time to figure out how to make it not happen. Remember that one?

      In any case, I’m happy to report that the Sons of Pioneers were WAY before my time 🙂

      • Sorry, I don’t remember that one. Just that they had control of the horizontal and the vertical, but i still had the on-off switch !

  4. I’d like to acknowledge that I mistakenly put a picture of mares weed in place of young Russian thistle (palm over face) but I have since remedied that situation. If the replacement pic aint Russian thistle then the Sons o’ Pioneers didn’t sing Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds! Thanks to the folks who let me know. There were more than one of you 🙂

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