7 comments on “Drunk on Drums and Bugles

  1. Dude. I love DCI as well. My one regret during/after high school is I never tried out to be in DCI. I didn’t mind fall mornings when the band started school over an hour before the rest of the school so we could practice our show. Flying home from Iowa last week I spoke to a man in Madison Scouts shirt on the plane. Turns out he helped put together the most recent decent on my school’s marching uniforms.

    Did you know our farm is only about 90 minutes from Indy? Next time DCI is in town we’ll have to get you up to the farm, Julee!

  2. Brian – who knew? That’s what is funny about DCI… the fans and supporters can be found anywhere. I knew there had to be at least one person who knows about drum corps.

    I had no idea Indy was so close to your farm. I would be absolutely honored to visit. Finals are pretty much always in Indy now… next year!

    BTW: what is your instrument?

      • I read your post and commented. I like how you touched on the life lessons that marching taught you. And hey, since you live so close to Indy… check DCI finals out sometime. It’s a fun time in Lucas Oil. If I lived that close you couldn’t keep me away with pitchforks!

      • I’ve been twice in Madison, and once in Indy. I’ve been out of state the last few years. We were in Chicago Saturday supporting our friend walking in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day. We always said we would go and it was announced this would be the last walk in Chicago.

      • Indy is permanent finals home now… as far as I know so maybe I’ll see you there next year! My son is home now and together that’s all we talk about. Drum corps. Drum corps. Drum corps. Picking apart shows, drill, music, etc. Have to wait another year now!

  3. Brian… also wanted to say that Madison had a great show this year. Made me cry. Carolina Crown edged out the Blue Devils for the title – their first. It was very exciting. My son’s corps, Oregon Crusaders, having won the Open Class championship last year, completed their FIRST year in World Class and placed 17th, just over a point behind Pacific Crest and the Colts. Not bad in a field of über good corps.

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