11 comments on “Scared of GMOs? It’s All In Your Head!

  1. Cool, didn’t see that. I actually read something on the Halo Effect recently and incorporated it into a talk I’m doing next month on this same subject. Yay! I need to read the whole thing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      • I do hope that, someday, this will lead to a cure for SAS !

        Perhaps we can start a charity to fund research. We can call it the March of Shill(ings) ! 🙂

      • FO: have you been following this 14-year old Canadian girl activist extraordinaire? She recites the anti-GMO script to perfection.

      • I’ve seen links to the story but i haven’t watched the actual video yet. All the anti-gmo sites seem to crow about how she somehow put her host in his place and nothing about what she might have actually added to the debate, what new insight, etc. Unless she’s some super genius biology prodigy, i don’t know how a 14 year old could add anything meaningful given that her age precludes any real scientific training or coursework. But, i’m pre-judging so i should force myself to watch it nonetheless.

        By the way, I’m actually in France this week! I think, though, I’m starting to suffer from GMO withdrawal. I hope it’s only psychological ! Bon soir !

      • Well, i finally watched it! It wasn’t so bad after all. He was, in no way, that i can tell, really all that patronizing at all. Nor was she ever accused of being a shill. All he said was that he was worried that she may be turned into a shill by the anti-gmo movement.

        Of course she was dead wrong about Golden Rice and she said she was against GMO food on principle, though she wavered and said she was fine with sufficient testing. She was also wrong about government testing, though right about the FDA in not doing there own tests, but the FDA is not the whole government and the US government is not the only government around. The EU also conducts GMO testing, as well as independent universities.

        Of course, Julee, you already know all this. 🙂

    • Supplement:

      I leave France in two days. I feel fine now so it muest have been psychological after all !

      Bonjour, bon soir et bon glace de chocolate !

  2. Love the blind taste test info. Wow, we humans and our brains can do some crazy things. I also love the aspect about our children, and in my case, grandchildren growing up with this wonderful technology, learning about it and learning how to use it for awesome things in the future.

  3. FO: I am being facetious when I call her “activist extraordinaire”. She is a kid so people listen to her and to those who haven’t done their homework, it seems like she is well read and knows what she is talking about, but really she just parrots, to perfection, and with much passion and verve, the anti-GMO rhetoric. There must be some psychological explanation for why people believe a 14-year-old over an expert. Vive la France!

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