2 comments on “What Is Wrong With Our Kids?

  1. “… it seems that the more affluent kids have the most noticeable rise in allergies” and “22 of roughly 68 kindergartners are entering school already identified as requiring at least one learning or academic intervention of some sort.”

    My view of this is much, much more cynical.

    Maybe they really aren’t so much different than we were as kids (I’m now 53).

    Perhaps they’re coddled continually by befuddled parents—especially the upper-crust ones.

    It seems almost trendy now to have a kid with some “disorder” requiring “interventions” of one sort or another.

    For example, I’d never heard of celiac disease five years ago, and now every semester there’s at least one student with the disease in one of my college-level writing courses.

    Or they come in with “disabilities” such as “anxiety disorders” that allow them to “opt out” of having to read work aloud in class.

    I’m asked to make my reading requirement “voluntary” because it creates too much “stress” in students.

    • You sound like a teacher! I know what you mean.. and I can be very cynical as well but in the case of these 22 kids already presenting with issues, I am scratching my head.

      And celiac disease is definitely real. There is a blood test for it. It is an auto-immune disease. I agree that mental health disorders are out of control but in my post I was more referring to cognitive disabilities.. kids who fall way behind if they don’t get a lot of intervention.

      The obsession with cleanliness is real too. I intend to look into that more fully 🙂 And I don’t think there is a parent on the planet who is “proud” when their child has a learning disability.

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