5 comments on “American Expat Living In Anti-GMO Haven Ecuador Offers Perspective

  1. I watched that Genetic Roulette video too. Among many things, it flashed a few comparison pictures of supposedly one side being GMO and the other not, implying the poorer side was GMO. They went by quickly but i though i thought i recognized one of the pictures was of BT cotton where the better side is really the GMO side. Has anyone else noticed pictures used in the Genetic Roulette that you recognized as being reversed in the video?

  2. I never noticed that but there is plenty else wrong with that video! Unfortunately it sways millions of people – fires ’em up and off they march like good soldiers.

    The video should be labeled: this video contains genetically modified facts.

  3. So you guys are pro GMO because of one video you watched? How can you say GMO is better than natural? Where is your logic?

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