7 comments on “‘My Thoughts On GMOs’ By Expat Living in Ecuador

  1. What an amazingly level headed look at this subject! I continue to be encouraged by so many out there who are willing to slow down and look at real data, real science and real facts before taking a stand against biotechnology. I hope this post is shared and shared and shared! Thanks Julee and thanks “SP”

  2. Wow, what a great post! It is amazing how so many anti-gmoers think all those scientific and governmental organizations are on Monsanto’s dole. All on revenues that are, as of last year, less than Staples ! Or, perhaps, Staples is also vying for world domination, through the sinister control of office supplies !

    P.S. And Monsanto still manages a $1.50 dividend on it’s common stock !

  3. “Idealists say the world could be transformed through permaculture. Yes, for small garden plots, amazing results can be obtained using the art of “permaculture design.” In a well-made permaculture “food forest,” insects, weeds, and disease can be effectively controlled without the use of chemicals. Yields per acre can be surprisingly high. Yet, permaculture is very labor intensive and not suited to large scale farming. It is better suited to the lifestyle of individual families and small communities.”

    That’s a very big problem of such back to earth farming movements. The yield per person is quite low and people eat. So if you factor in the equivalent amount of land it takes to feed the extra people that permaculture requires, it may not be as great of a deal. Especially since those people will have to be drawn from all the other endeavors that keep our civilization going. I also wonder about that raw yield/acre over the long run. Since permaculture eschews all synthetic fertilizers, they are at the mercy of the limitations of natural nitrogen fixing rates. They will also deplete their soils of phosphorous, iron, and other elements that just can’t magically reappear. Nitrogen for fixing is transported to their fields via the atmosphere. Those other elements don’t have that mechanism of replenishment.

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