6 comments on ““GMO OMG” Documentary Revisited

  1. I’ve read Nathanael Johnson’s review too. he found it, “emotionally honest”, to paraphrase him, empathizing with Siefert’s need to protect his children. Johnson brings up a very good point that people are powerfully swayed by emotions, for good or for ill. But, you can see that he gently tries to bring Siefert to question the, “factual”, side of his movie by bringing up how his own research into the subject has led him to the large consensus that GMO’s are safe for both Man and Earth and the scientists working on them aren’t mindless stooges of their employers. Siefert refuses to bite.


    Anastasia Bodnar, in one of her comments at Grist.org for this story was rather kind when she said that perhaps the fear mongering was incidental, rather than intentional. I think you, Julee, are closer to the truth of the matter. He should of done more research and less theatrics for in the course of making a movie and all that entails, you can’t just claim afterwards, “I just didn’t know that i should have researched it more.”

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