7 comments on “Volunteer GM Corn?

    • No bird feeder close by… at least from my yard. Maybe the neighbors? But I’m on a corner and really kind of far from anyone else’s yard. Such a mystery!

  1. Corn farmer, here. I’d say based on the fact the leaves are somewhat droopy means you aren’t looking at a conventional corn hybrid like I would be planting. If you look at sweet corn, or my popcorn for that matter, you see the leaves aren’t nearly as upright as the vast majority modern field corn varieties. But then again I could be wrong because this plant has a lot more space to work with than mine do at an average of 32,000 per acre.

  2. What a fun mystery! Once the plant dries out, take some photos of the ear. We should be able to figure out if it is field corn, sweet corn, or pop corn at least 🙂

  3. I have not watered it other than the occasional shot it gets from the sprinkler system. It might be droopy because of that. As I wrote in the piece, it does look rather scraggly, meaning not lush and full. The leaves look narrow to me, based on what I’ve observed when visiting commercial corn fields in the area.

    Can someone tell me how to tell if its been pollinated?

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