6 comments on “Is Jeffrey Smith Blinded By His Own Light?

  1. Great article. I’ve been avoiding talking about GM/Monsanto much online these days…it’s too complicated to post things that are against the corporate misdeeds of Monsanto like their lobbying/gov’t influence and to separate those actions out from the science of some of their foods. Man oh man, people do not want to even consider that something created by Monsanto could ever be good and I get impatient with the whole argument. Kudos to you for taking this issue on and combating some of Smith’s misleading work.

    • Nice to hear from you again, Misbehaved! Yes, the science gets thrown into the same pot with the hatred folks have for big corporations. And the result is, great cutting edge science that could really help us can’t move forward.

  2. Jeff Smith cries we are in straits that are dire
    “GMO’s will kill us all, pauper to sire !”
    When he’s put on the spot,
    Jeff demurs, “A scientist i am not.”
    “But i am a yogic flyer, naturally for hire !”

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