23 comments on “Really Dr. Mercola? Really?

  1. To the Tune of Officer Krupke (Westside Story)


    Dear Dr. Mercola,
    You gotta understand.
    Your potions are just cola
    Your quackery’s out of hand!
    Your patients are all junkies,
    for Holistics, should be banned.
    Holy, Moses ! You’re a scheister upon the land !


    Oh, Dr. Mercola, we’re very upset!
    You gives us magic tonics in place of what we should get.
    We ain’t no dummies, it’s really understood.
    Deep down, you know they’re no good !


    They’re no good ?


    They’re no good, they’re no good
    They are no damn good !
    They never do anywhere near what they should !
    They should put a halt, to your himalayan salt!
    Cause, deep down, you know it’s no good !

    No Good !

    (I know i posted this way back when, but then the good doctor keeps posting his stuff over and over 🙂 )

  2. Julee, THANKS AGAIN!! This is a great start to my morning. I have spent the past 5 years learning how to balance traditional medicine doctors {for my collapsed vertebra that needed MAJOR surgery and repeated xrays and my Diverticulitis which require antibiotics to clear up each flare up and prevent me from exploding bowel contents into my body cavity (hows that for starting your morning?) } and my natural bio-identicial hormone doctor {to straighten out my thyroid and hot flashes.} It’s quite a circus act to stay on the tight rope, because when I go see my traditional doctors, they gasp at my long list of bio-identical hormones and supplements. When I go to my natural doctor (not hoelstic, but natural meaning bio-identical for what my body already makes) he gasps at their having gasp at his list that I take. Lot’s of gasping.

    This brings me to your mammogram. I still get mammograms, but to make my natural doctor happy, I get thermal breast imaging too. I am in no way ready to risk missing cancer in my beloved breasts and quit the little bit of glow in the dark radiation of a mammogram, so I have developed my own routine of spacing out the mammograms further and getting more thermal images inbetween.

    It’s so important to take charge of our own medical care these days, but sifting through the garbage to find what that is can be overwhelming. To the point of your post today, how many millions of times do we have to say there are no GM grains on the shelves at the grocery store?? And why can some guy with a blog say there are and it’s gospel?? I still don’t get it! Keep Sleuthing!!

    • Suzie thanks for your comment. I too try to balance western and eastern medicine but my pre-sleuth4health days had me way heavier on the side of natural medicine. Now, I find myself revisiting many of the former positions I took regarding health care. It has been harder to change my beliefs in this regard than it was to come around about GMOs. I still believe in many naturalistic ideals (bio-identicle hormones, for example), but when they become a big fat excuse to just avoid going to the doctor, I know that is faulty thinking!

      Do you have to pay out of pocket for your bio-identicle hormones?

  3. The Food and Farm interview I did with Dr. Stefano Guandolini, Founder and Medical Director, University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center https://www.spreaker.com/user/foodandfarm/dr_stefano_guandalini has been downloaded more times than any other interview – even the one I did with you! https://www.spreaker.com/user/foodandfarm/segment_4_julee_k

    Folks are looking for real information about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Unfortunately – for the most part – they’re not getting it.

  4. Wow, just wow. You’re absolutely right. The predominant GE grain is corn (aka maize and aka a grain because it is the seed of a monocot plant). While wheat is a grain (also a monocot plant), there are no GMO versions yet on the market. This is largely because its genetics are soooooo complicated. Modern cultivated wheat hybrids are all polyploids, meaning they have multiple genome copies instead of just two total (one from the male parent and one from the female parent). Having that much genetic material to contend with has been a barrier for any kind of genetic engineering. Maybe it would be true in another decade or so.

    • I think the main reason there are no GM wheat strains on the market is because of perceived poor acceptance of them. Monsanto had already developed a RR version many years ago and shelved it. (the version that a few plants of was mysteriously found in Oregon earlier this year) and they are developing a new one now. The Australians have been developing their own GM strains.



      • The most irksome thing, at least for me, is the insistence by Mercola and others that GE wheat is killing us. Aside from the fact that there is no evidence that the statement is true if we WERE, in fact, eating GE wheat, the truth is that we ARE NOT eating it. It is such a blatant, bold-faced, ill conceived, misinformed out and out lie I don’t know how he gets away with it!

      • Ah, yes. You are right. I think that Monsanto can RoundupReady anything! Since US wheat farmers export about half of total production to places like Europe and Asia, they had better be growing varieties they can sell, so non-GMO.
        For traits more complicated than glyphosate-resistance (fungal resistance, drought tolerance, etc), wheat is still a difficult plant to engineer (so the economics side of the equation has to work out profitably as well). Plant scientists are getting some clues from a wild relative of wheat: http://news.ucdavis.edu/search/news_detail.lasso?id=10733

      • @johnnaroose ;

        The Americas and Australia are well aware of that, with Europe and Japan making melodramatic statements like they won’t buy wheat from the entire North/South or Australian continent if so much as a single acre of GM wheat is planted.

        Well, with threats like that, all three continents are planning to simultaneously approve GM wheat strains as they become ready to do so.

        It makes me think of my old game of Risk !

      • @Julee;

        You are so right. It boggles my mind and scares me as well. This whole anti-gmo thing reminds me of bullies in school and how they spread lies and stories about their victims while at the same time physically attacking them.

  5. Fantastic post! Like you, I used to read all of Dr. Mercola’s literature… until he started preaching about GMOs, which I already knew to be safe. Once an author starts to lose credibility in one area, I begin to question everything they write. The majority of Dr. Mercola’s information did not stand up to close scrutiny after I began to question his teaching. Thanks for posting this. Let’s hope the word spreads!

  6. Dr. Mercola the quackalacka. Touts papayas as some of the best fruits. Then when you point it out to him, he realizes that he has to make a quick statement to avoid Hawaii ones. So go to the Mexican ones that are imported in over domestic ones? Sell, sell, sell to the gullible!

    • Quackalacka ching ching!

      (In the 40s my mother was a cheerleader and used to chant “ackalacka ching ching” so with a slight change we have a most fitting cheer for the Doc.

      • Not exactly sure what the point of this post was, other than to try to take a stab at something you perhaps don’t understand. Some people ingest radioactive elements daily; I would venture to guess most people do. Bananas, beer, lima beans, carrots and certain nuts to name a few.

  7. Your entire argument is an informal fallacy. Do products contain both corn and gluten? Yes. Is he saying in that quote that a product is both GMO and gluten? No. His claim is that a) gluten causes issues with the gut, and b) GE also causes issue with the gut. So his conclusion is that eating both of these types of foods is a double whammy to the immune system. You have taken his argument out of context and argued against something he never said, and are thus misrepresenting his statements. Corn is a grain and is a GMO. Also, many bread products contain gluten, corn, and soy products.

    “The paragraph doesn’t even make sense.” You should have asked someone to elaborate, or perhaps asked him for further explanation.

  8. James, it may appear that way to you… that I’m full of hate. What I’m really full of is regret that I ever believed all the scary stuff about GMOs ruining our health. I DO have the facts on my side. My blog is full of them. I changed my mind about GMOs and adopted a science-friendly outlook on the technology. In this article I wanted to point out that the grains mentioned by Mercola aren’t genetically modified to begin with so to implicate GMOs in an article about negative health effects is at the very least, irresponsible and at worst – fraudulent. This stuff scares people… a lot… and it is not even factual.

  9. What’s worse is that Dr Oz had this quackpot on national TV. Dr Oz certainly knows better, but has obviously crossed over to the dark side of valuing money and fame over facts of science. Mercola’s an obvious menace to society, but Oz apparently doesn’t care anymore, as long as his ratings are high.

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