2 comments on “The European Union’s opposition to GM crops has nothing to do with safety

  1. Interesting article. I’ve no idea if every word is true but from a European’s perspective, I can certainly understand that economic considerations are likely to play a part in overall policy towards a technology that has been largely developed on another continent. Equally, I guess balanced opinion on your side of the pond would have to accept that America’s promotion of GMOs isn’t likely to be based solely on the science of improved yields but is likely to have an economic aspect to it as well…..everyone looks out for their own afterall.

    • The problem with the European stance in this case is that the EU just can’t say we don’t want non EU companies to be the major seed companies in the EU. The EU courts would rule (and has) against that. So they have to come up with the cover story that GMO’s are intrinsically harmful. In doing so (against the findings of their own EU scientists) the EU then must stop EU GMO development and use. If they do not do so, then the whole cover story collapses.

      But, because GMO’s do confer good advantages with no more risk and pushes yield increases further and faster than older breeding methods can, the EU has painted itself into a corner, forced to import large amounts of the very GMO crops that the EU could have been growing for itself, undermining the very food security it wished to preserve. The EU already had to relent on it’s no GMO trace rule for grains for human consumption as shippers threatened to suspend shipments if any more deliveries were turned away for that reason. The EU rule is now less than 0.9%. The EU GMO stance has also led to some rather unusual political gyrations in EU countries that have banned GMO’s under the EU directives that allow them to:


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