4 comments on “Looking Forward to a Platter of Arctic® Apples

  1. Wow! No, “but they’re ruining nature’s perfect creations”, comments ! Julee, is it possible that you’re getting through? Fiends of the Earth (Oh, did i mispell that? My bad!) though are trying to make much ado about their smear and intimidation campaign against Arctic Apples. But Okanagan Specialty Fruits is having none of it !


  2. OSF keeps its nose to the grindstone and presses on. I admire how the company goes about its business amidst the cacophony of activist squawk. Unlike the gigantic multinational companies like Monsanto or DuPont, it has neither the deep pockets not the unlimited resources with which to fight naysayers. I admire and respect the small group of individuals behind this operation. It can’t be easy standing up to passionate people who feel they are doing the right thing, but are in fact misinformed or underinformed, fearful, and out to destroy their innovative commodity.

  3. As a mom who sends her daughter to preschool and who is required to send a healthy snack that is already cut and ready to eat, these apples sound fantastic! My daughter loves apples and as of now I have to dip each slice in lemon juice in order to prevent the browning since my girl is vocal about not eating brown apples. I will buy these if/when I see them! 🙂

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