4 comments on “What is REALLY Killing the Bees?

  1. From what i’ve read to date, it’s still quite a mystery. Not GMO’s. Europe got the problem. Neo’s don’t look good either. Canada uses both GMO’s and Neo’s and they don’t have much of CCD problem. Plus, you don’t hear much about other insect pollinators, such as flies, being schmeist. They may be, but i haven’t seen anything about it.


    • Randy Oliver believes its varroa destructor mites and pyrethoid insecticides and I like his approach. He’s also a beekeeper himself, and a biologist. It does seem that the neonics should be ruled out if Canada’s healthy bee situation is considered, as yes, they use neonics.

      And I was really trying to get through an entire article about bees without mentioning GMOs even once!

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