3 comments on “This Graphic Is Really Bugging Me

  1. This graphic really bugged me too. Even organic strawberries have pesticides and fertilizers, all of which have chemical names, even if they’re not synthetic. Listing all of the things a strawberry plant might be treated with isn’t telling you what the average plant is treated with, so it’s intentionally inflating the list. As the USDA’s pesticide data program has shown, US grown produce has very little residues and they’re all within the thresholds found to be safe by the EPA. http://www.ams.usda.gov/AMSv1.0/ams.fetchTemplateData.do?template=TemplateC&navID=&rightNav1=&topNav=&leftNav=ScienceandLaboratories&page=PesticideDataProgram&resultType=&acct=pestcddataprg
    A while ago someone (maybe Steve Savage) calculated how many servings of fruit you’d need to eat to hit the threshold and it’s always crazy high!

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