5 comments on “GMOs In The Land Of Oz

  1. Well, Julee, Yogic flying might sound like a good thing, but without that EZ-pass, you’d still be hovering stuck in the toll booth lanes on the GW Bridge !

  2. Box up those jars of supplements and send them to Dr. Oz. I’m sure he’ll know what to do with them.

  3. What happened to our society that we could trust science before but not now? Where did things go wrong that people hate vaccines and GMO foods? Nobody ever has the right to accept pseudoscience at the expense of reason and logic, whether it’s anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, or creationism.

    • You are asking good questions! I’m not sure society has ever fully trusted science but certainly more in the past than now. Presently, entertainment itself has trumped science. People believe ‘entertainers’ over science or reason.

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