4 comments on “Free Workout Music Makes All The Difference

  1. Podrunner listener since 2010 here! Boyett sent out an email to his newsletter list that he kept it going out of pocket last year because donations got so low. I chipped in $20, it was the least I could do after how much I’ve used the mixes. It sounds like nows a good time if you are thinking of donating.

    You mention having a hard time transferring podcasts to an Android phone. You can download the mixes from podrunner.com and transfer them like you would any other file. They are just regular mp3’s. Also I googled “android podcast apps” and got a bunch of results, some free.

    • Hey thanks Alan. I was hoping someone would give me a tip on file transfers to Android. I just always assume itunes is the easiest, but with an Android perhaps not – without an app anyway.

  2. A fellow roadie ! Back in the day i’ve racked up few classic centuries and many metrics. These days, if i get in a 20 mile ride, i’m doing good. Never raced but there was a time i could hold my own with the Cat 4’s for 10 or 20 miles. I still have my Trek 2100 !

    • I have yet to race as a cyclist. Participation in a triathalon is on my bucket list, even if it’s just a swim across the river, twenty mile ride and a 5k run. I did race as a racewalker and had some success there. As a runner, I’m a good sprinter but not so fast at distance. I do it for the fitness.

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