3 comments on “To Shill Or Not To Shill: GMO Mythbusting, Part 5

  1. I will try and be as polite as possible, however, your website is riddled with false information and an obvious connection with Big Chem/biotech/Ag and Monsanto.

    1. That Organic article was filled with false information…..just read again the organic farmers reply people.

    2. You have a close association with Monsanto’s PR rep., who took you to lunch and you visited Monsanto’s operation in Hawaii, which of course you were thrilled.

    3. You arrogantly showed your picture with Janice Persons (PR rep) credit card saying you’re a shill. (Just read your old posts)

    4. A few months after your trip to Hawaii & visiting the big M, your website had a total make-over, along with advertising.

    So Yes, indeed, the facts present themselves pretty well…..your a shill, lackey or minion and probably are indeed getting some kind of compensation.

    This site is the opposite on the spectrum of Mothers against Monsanto…..riddled with bias info of all of those in the Monsanto PR campaign.

    Admitting all of this would give you credibility.

    • Tim
      First of all, the advertising on this site is via WordPress, not me. I receive no money for it and have nothing to do with it.

      As for my comment about being a shill because Monsanto bought me lunch, it was intended as a joke. If a $10 lunch makes me a shill in your mind, so be it.

      The fact that an ordinary non-scientist, non-farmer like me could actually speak in favor of GMOS is unfathomable to anti GMO activists. Because I do see their value and potential for a growing worldwide population, it is wrongly assumed that I am a shill, that I am paid for my words and actions.

      I’m not. I’m just not. I wish I were because I could really use the money. I’m an ordinary person who thinks rationally. I also have an elementary, layman’s grasp of the actual science behind transgenics, because it was explained to me and I’ve read a lot, and I really sort of, well, get it. I get it.

      And it doesn’t scare me anymore.

      • Always the anti-gmoer’s shrill cry of shill ! Now, where di i hear those cries before? Oh, yeah:

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