Who Ya Gonna Call?

In keeping with my recent posts of a series of brief videos on singular topics concerning GMOs, here are the next three installments.  The interviews are conducted between Green State TV and University of Florida plant geneticist Dr. Kevin Folta.

Part 6:  A compact exploration of the term “frankenfood” and what it really means.

Part 7:  GMO information and the internet – should you believe everything you read?

Part 8:  Who ya gonna call – an anti-GMO activist or a public scientist?  It boils down to trust.

I believe that trust really is at the foundation of anyone’s views on GMOs.  One either puts trust in people and what they say are the facts or digs for the real evidence oneself.  Obviously a scientist digs for the real evidence and puts his or her trust there.  If one is patient enough to sift through credible, lengthy science reports, evidence will speak for itself but for many, whom to believe or follow boils down to trust.

Who is the real expert?

There was an old show called “To Tell The Truth” that anyone over 50 will surely remember.  Three contestants claimed to be the same thing, like, say, a chauffeur, a Hollywood makeup artist, geneticist, that type of thing.  One of the three really was what they claimed to be.   They all gave their spiel and then a panel of celebrities would guess who was the real whatever.

Then at the end the host would say, “Will the REAL chauffeur, makeup artist, geneticist, whatever, please stand up?”

I believe a real GMO expert has stood up in this case.  He is believable and worthy of the public’s trust.

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