5 comments on “Oregon Right to Know: I Don’t Want The Right to Know BS

  1. That blue coating is five toxic chemicals that end up in our food.

    What this has to do with the GMO labeling issue is a total mystery to me. If the seed company offers a non-GMO, isogenic version of the seed shown in the first video, they very likely offer it with the same “five toxic chemicals that end up in our food” (the part about the chemicals ending up in our food is, in any case, rather unlikely to be true in any meaningful sense). The exception would be if it were specifically marketed to organic growers.

    Chemical treatments of seeds is not the same thing as using genetically engineered plants. I would be very surprised if Dr. Ray Seidler did not know this and the fact that he is willing to spread this disinformation puzzles me. If one were concerned about the chemical treatments of seeds (I do not believe that one shouldn’t be) that is not information that would be shown according to any GMO labeling law proposed anywhere, as far as I know.

    • Thanks for your comment! You further underscore my point that too much of the information behind labeling campaigns nationwide is based on hyperbole and flat out rubbish. The ad with the mysterious blue seeds plays on the emotions of the misinformed. It’s very irresponsible.

      Conversely, the anti-labeling campaign hasn’t done much to present the facts either, in my opinion. But I’m still voting no!

  2. Wow, that’s really atrocious. This law has zip, zero, nada to do with his “blue” seed coating. It’s despicable to use your scientific credentials to mislead people like that.

    I got into another battle recently about the phrase “anti-science” and when it should be applied. But I think some of the worst offenders who deserve that description are the scientists who are misusing science to make BS claims like this, or like the “killer” wheat fraud they flogged, or to deliver lumpy rats. That’s really anti-science.

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