4 comments on “Maybe GMOs Could Have Saved Greg

    • Janice yes, no way was I missing THAT segment. To learn of this promising new style of treatments so soon after you lose a loved one on whom they tried all the old school stuff to no avail – is, as I wrote in the post, both exciting and sad. But yes, people will be helped by this and more importantly, the technology that is getting the job done is AWESOME.

  1. I know it’s 4 years ago but let me extend my condolences nonetheless. I lost a cousin when she was 58 years old, to lung cancer. These are much too young of ages for loved ones to die.

    • Thanks FO! It was this death along with my experience in an Iowa corn field that prompted me to begin blogging about health and more specifically, how food might be to blame for disease and well, you know the rest of the story.

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