2 comments on “‘GMO-Free’ Should Be a Specialty Food Label & Premier Episode of “Talking Biotech” Features Yours Truly

  1. Julie, quite some time ago I (Corinna, from Alberta, Canada) posted here thanking you for your blog and how it gave me direction in pursuing scientific evidence. I also thanked you for having a big part in removing a lot of the fear I had from the countless pieces of psuedo science broadcasting the horrible dangers in GMO’s, food, and general distrust in “experts” all over the internet.
    Well, I thought I’d pop in again to say that I have continued to read your blog and have referred many “pseudo science trusting, GMO hating” friends to your site here.
    So, still, THANK YOU for your continued commitment to finding reality through all of the craziness.
    I enjoyed you newest post and the interview with Dr. Folta too.
    Wishing you all the best,

    • Corinna – that is so very kind of you to remind me why I am doing this. My blog is totally volunteer. I receive no money from advertising, no perks, no money from Monsanto (contrary to what a lot of people believe). I just do it because it makes me happy to be on the side of rationality. It is nice to know somebody out there has gotten something out of my effort!

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