4 comments on “Three Years Ago Today…

  1. I think I discovered you after your 180. It is always disappointing when people don’t react to new information, when they dig their heels in to defend an earlier opinion based on less information than they have now. Kudos to you and keep writing!

    • Yes, it’s those pesky beliefs – so hard to shake but it CAN be done. That’s what I learned! Beliefs aren’t facts. It changed my life. I appreciate the comment!

  2. In politics, it’s considered a bad thing to be a “flip-flopper”, someone who has changed their position on some issue.

    I have NEVER understood this. As a scientist… wait, not even that… as a person who thinks using logic and evidence to guide them, it just doesn’t make any sense to cling to some belief, after being shown evidence that completely contradicts that belief. I used to think Santa was real and ice cream was health food…

    I applaud your allowing evolution to take place within your world-view. I wish more folks were able to accept that it’s natural for beliefs to give way, when exposed to the erosion of inconvenient evidence.

    Good on ya, says me!

    • Thanks R Flynn for your comment. It certainly wasn’t easy to let go of what I thought was true. I just came to a point of realizing that evidence pointed another way and I didn’t want to be wrong! Too much pride for that! It seems however that there are many who don’t even care if they are wrong, or don’t care that there exists evidence that would indicate they are wrong.

      I’ve come to realize the kind of turnaround I experienced is more the exception than the rule. In this crazy world we live in, I wouldn’t mind seeing many, many beliefs fall by the way side. The world needs education. The world needs more science! And this coming from a lifelong musician.

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