7 comments on “Sleuth4Health Goes Soylent

  1. Once we get settled from this relocation, I’ll give the product a whirl. Still, I suspect I’ll need a bit more additional carbs than it provides.
    But, if there are two beans I love, it’s soy and lentils!
    I’ll probably add the oil as well.

    • The thing that’s so great about this stuff is that you can personalize it. People on the DIY site have recipes of all manner of combos of protein/carbs/fat. You can set that up how you want it if you make your own. I think the stock soylent is 50% carbs. But don’t quote me on that! Thanks for stopping by!

      • 84 grams of carbs, per the label you kindly provided.
        Considering the amount of protein loss from heat stroke damaged kidneys, I can use the extra boost. 🙂

  2. I just did the math and the carbs listed on the package are a fraction under 50% of total calories. I make my own though and adjusted my carbs down to 45%.

    • I’ve noticed that between versions, the RDA varies and remains below minimum RDA for essential nutrients.
      I’d use it only as a supplement or have vitamin supplementation with this as an exclusive food source.

      • I got all my own daily values off the Linus Pauling Institute micro-nutrient page. This is a science based nutrition center located at Oregon State University. Check it out: http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic

        I regard the DIY values from the Soylent site as a rough guide only.

      • Rob Rhinehart, the inventor, has been living on it for a year now! Not very many people live only on Soylent though. I know I don’t! But I think I could if I wanted/needed to.

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