GMO Use Will Advance Regardless Of Folks Like Mercola

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Another example of the many misleading memes dreamed up by GMO haters

Doc Mercola is at it again – spreading fear and misinformation.  Claiming a scientific position when in fact, his extremist posts about GMOs are quite the opposite.  I subscribe to his emails – for entertainment mostly.  Though I delete the vast majority of the emails, every now and then I open one up, as I did today, and found this link to an article.  I am posting the blood syringes poking the tomato as well, the picture accompanying the article – a common anti-GMO meme that is so laughably NOT what GMOs are.  The hook in my inbox was quite misleading as well.  It said: Beware: These 10 Food Companies Are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Admittedly, there are things Mercola posts that are true – the well-documented benefits of high intensity exercise (known as high intensity interval training, or HIIT) for example.  Consider this article published on the Science Daily website way back in 2010.  Granted, Mercola has published extensively about HIIT.  But to find truth on his website you really have to work at it.  I doubt most people are willing to put in that kind of time and research.

Generally, Mercola is extremely anti-medical establishment, and I go so far as to say believe anything he says at your own risk – and likely peril.  I actually considered stopping my mammograms back in the day when I believed in Mercola’s snake oil. He also claims that over half our diets should be made up of saturated fats.

Really?  I almost bought that one too – no supportive citations sought.  I believed anything in those days.   The new Julee K googles subjects and includes ‘science’ as a search term.  It’s amazing what different links show up with just one little added word – like this short Harvard School of Public Health article – clearly advising a moderate consumption of saturated fats based on scientific evidence.

Now I take the time to find peer-reviewed evidence to back up all the anecdotal claims made on the anything-goes new Wild West called the internet.

OK – back to GMOs. 

Crop breeding technology, which is the broader category that a ‘food GMO’ falls into, is exciting!  It is promising, full of possibilities and has the potential to solve many worldwide food-growing problems like pests and drought.  There are many choices, many ways to get it done.  We are entering a new age of the ability to manipulate DNA and as an open-minded non-scientist, I find myself intrigued by it – not scared.

Consider all the advancements in genetics when it comes to medicine.  Do the GMO haters realize that drugs as commonplace and inexpensive as insulin would be impossible without genetic engineering?  We are certainly reluctant to criticize or even be fearful of biological advancements when they cure cancer, right?  Read about British baby Layla Richards.  Given these life-saving, gene-altering miracles, why does gene-altering crop technology scare us so much?

The  bottom line for me is this:  good technology of any kind is not to be feared and even if it is feared, it shall not be stopped.  Knowledge can’t be unlearned.

Julee K/Sleuth4Health

One response to “GMO Use Will Advance Regardless Of Folks Like Mercola”

  1. Well, as one who suffered through decades of a military variant, Super High Intensity Training, I eventually was promoted to the position of Boss In Charge, Super High Intensity Training. 😉

    As for 50% of diet with saturated fats, that is indeed accurate. During the hunter-gatherer age, when the hunters failed far more often than succeeded to bring in the saturated fats and animal protein.
    Hence, I have to promote the author to Boss’ Under Luminary Luminal, Special High Intensity Training.
    As in, I’ve largely completed my relocation, the household goods are still awaiting the movers, courtesy of holiday interruptions. I’m also a bit cash strapped, as incidentals that’ll be later reimbursed are not yet reimbursed.
    But, I’ve got trainloads of both animal and vegetable protein in the house, more than enough to compensate for that which is lousy in my urine (heat stroke damage).

    So, when my opinion of a fark wad was considered to be incapable of sinking lower, this one went below so far that I’m astounded that we don’t have a naked singularity sinking its way to earth’s core, to later threaten Sag A*.

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