One comment on “GMO Use Will Advance Regardless Of Folks Like Mercola

  1. Well, as one who suffered through decades of a military variant, Super High Intensity Training, I eventually was promoted to the position of Boss In Charge, Super High Intensity Training. 😉

    As for 50% of diet with saturated fats, that is indeed accurate. During the hunter-gatherer age, when the hunters failed far more often than succeeded to bring in the saturated fats and animal protein.
    Hence, I have to promote the author to Boss’ Under Luminary Luminal, Special High Intensity Training.
    As in, I’ve largely completed my relocation, the household goods are still awaiting the movers, courtesy of holiday interruptions. I’m also a bit cash strapped, as incidentals that’ll be later reimbursed are not yet reimbursed.
    But, I’ve got trainloads of both animal and vegetable protein in the house, more than enough to compensate for that which is lousy in my urine (heat stroke damage).

    So, when my opinion of a fark wad was considered to be incapable of sinking lower, this one went below so far that I’m astounded that we don’t have a naked singularity sinking its way to earth’s core, to later threaten Sag A*.

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