4 comments on “Observations About Obesity In America

  1. Even in the Persian Gulf region, obesity was a one in ten thousand level, with morbid obesity being around one in one hundred thousand.
    While there is Burger King and other US based fast food, Lebanese food was also popular, real Chinese food (not the crap sold in the US, Thai food, Arabian foods were available as well.
    Now, at the supermarket, everything from quail, squab through turkey was available, as well as my favorite lamb. I wanted to try camel meat, but alas, the locals snapped the lot of it up while I was in line.
    Unique is, the region has food from India to Egypt and everywhere between. Lamb ranged in source from Australia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and more. Produce was similarly sourced, with Iranian saffron and onions, Indian onions, etc.

    Back when I was in the military, I had soldiers ask me for dietary advice, as being overweight can end a career. I pulled out my field knife and said, “eat as much meat as you can catch with this, fill in with greens and most of your problem will disappear”.

    • Yep. Just eat real food and as much produce as you can. Stay away from the meals in packages! Cook! It is really that simple.

      • Lately, I’ve been eating regular food and tons of empty calories, all to keep my weight from dropping further.
        I lost 40 pounds in two months and learned that I have hyperthyroidism. On thyroid meds now, but they’ve not taken effect yet. :/

        Still, I enjoy a fine salad. Had one for breakfast at work the other day, followed by oatmeal. I ate an entire fennel bulb in two afternoon snacks at work. Maybe next, some plain celery. 🙂

  2. Great post. America’s obesity is the real crisis of our times in this country. It lends to every other major killer disease: heart disease, diabetes, cancer. To fix it, we must deal with Americans’ addiction to overly processed foods.

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