3 comments on “Headlines Like This Make Me SO glad I Learned To Science

  1. There’s another way to spot pseudoscience in many cases, as a criminologist would say, follow the money. While some will prostitute their degree and reputation for acclaim, most do so for the oldest reason of prostitution known to man, money.

    • Scientist’s reputations are their bread and butter and they have to sweat for years in labs to get where they are. I don’t believe huge numbers of them will readily put their reputations on the line for a few dollars. I honestly believe that that is a public misconception. Are there a few bad eggs out there? Sure. But they are the exception rather than the rule. I would love to hear comments from other scientists about this issue.

      • True, reputation is critical in research, for who would even read the works of someone who was repeatedly discredited by their own misdeeds?
        Consider the terrible shame of Hwang Woo Suk, who faked cloning results and embezzled significant amounts of funding, yet made a major breakthrough in stem cell research.
        Who would trust him after that with grant money? Would any peer reviewed publication trust his work and publish newer work?
        How many scientific advances may be lost, all because of what he did and now has a reputation in tatters?

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