6 comments on “Nutrients in GMO Corn vs. non-GMO Corn

      • I highly recommend you review your high school biology notes. It doesn’t take a doctorate in microbiology, or an alleged shill (your words not mine) to recognize this data as non-biological. Compare the carbon counts! The data shown in this report is impossible. Before you go about trying to ruin a man’s career, perform your due diligence and know what you are talking about.

        I will be posting an article with a statement by Dr. Folta very soon.

      • Newsflash: Because of the shill cry by people like you, interfering with Dr. Folta’s ability to DO HIS JOB, the University of Florida has GIVEN THE MONSANTO MONEY BACK. Will that silence all you who are out for his head???

        Please stay tuned for my post about this malicious witch hunt

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