3 comments on “Two Ironies

  1. Hi Julie. Europe is certainly a leader in fashion and culture, places where emotion and appeal lead the charge. They have that finger on the pulse for sure.

    But in technology the good ol’ USA is still pretty good. Of course, European scientists and government agencies are absolutely in favor of transgenic technologies, as are farmers in many places. One of my friends at Marche Polytechnic in Ancona, Italy serves on major boards to change the acceptance of biotech.

    The problem for them is public perception. To sell European crops they need customers in the E.U. If customers (by scientific reason or fantasy) adopt one production system over another, then that is what they’ll do.

    One of the saddest talks I ever saw was from a Romanian scientists that used GMO technology to stop pesticide use against the Colorado Beetle on potatoes. She thought it was a great step forward for farmers and the environment. Romanian farmers made money, they became net exporters…

    Until Romania joined the EU in 2007. They had to stop transgenic technology because of fear, not reason. It radically changed use of pesticides and made the country an importer of potatoes and soy.

    The Europeans got it nailed for good beer, wine, public trans, and the list goes on and on. But Jean Luc Six Pack in Bordeaux probably has it wrong on transgenic technologies. Their scientists certainly say so.

    • You forgot a biggy – food! Some of the best food I’ve ever had. The whole experience of eating is a big to do. You don’t just throw a meal together.

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