4 comments on “New Free Ebook Talks Real Sense About GMOs – Great Stocking Stuffer!

  1. This book is pretty sad, talking about science every other sentence when not a piece of long term evidence has been found. What’s even worse is that you guys aren’t looking deep enough.

    • The vast majority of public scientists (not even including the private ones) who are experts in this field, who eat, breathe, sleep plant genetics and crop breeding, who put in long hours in the lab every day… I think they would not only strongly disagree with you but be highly insulted. This is what they do. This is their job day in day out. They are in fact largely a benevolent bunch and are excited about helping, not poisoning, our planet! Contrary to popular belief they are not paid off by corporations or under gag orders. That is just complete absurdity.

      Please visit http://www.biofortified.org/. Click on the tab titled GENERA. There you will find hundreds of bona fide, peer reviewed studies, studies that are not discredited or found to be faulty, and and more appear on the site at regular intervals.

      You’re right about one thing though – not a piece of long term evidence has been found to implicate GMOs as being less safe than conventional. Not one. Correlation does not equal causation. This is a promising technology that can help us solve our ever more complicated food and crop issues on the planet. No one says it’s perfect or right for everything. What technology is? But it is worth exploring… as any technology is.

      I urge you to not fall for public opinion on this issue. Dig deeper. I did that and was absolutely surprised at what I learned.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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